Club Red

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Thank you for making the commitment to be part of PERIOD.’s inaugural giving circle, Club Red! You will be part of a community of our most committed supporters.

As our initial Club Red membership is by invitation only, we are excited to create a community of 30 founding members who will help PERIOD.’s programs remain strong. Our work to provide period products for those in need, educate the public about healthy menstruation, and advocate for fair and equitable menstrual policies relies on continued support. Because of your involvement, we will equip and train youth leaders to solve period poverty in their lifetime.

Your Commitments

Commit to giving $1,000 or more annually for 3 years

(can be paid in full, or monthly)

Please donate below or contact us to discuss your gift.

Our Commitments

Create an intimate national network of menstrual equity champions for networking and camaraderie.

  • Provide events for members such as virtual lunch and learns and panel discussions with staff and youth advocates.

  • With permission, list members in our annual impact report and Club Red webpage

  • Provide members access to legislation updates and PERIOD.’s network updates

  • Introduce you to PERIOD.’s Youth Advisory Council, our dynamic youth board.

  • Send swag! Occasional gifts and special PERIOD. pieces sent to you! Who doesn’t LOVE SWAG!

Please make your donation below. Be sure to note if and how you want to be listed on this site for other new members to see. We’ll be following up with you with more information!

Again, welcome and thank you for being part of our first-ever Giving Circle, Club Red!

Current Club Red Members:

Elaina Almazan

Jen Andres

Richard and Carly Diforio

Shari Dunn

Heather Eberhardt

Alisia Oladiti

Larry Fox

Mark Halloway

Keith Heerdt

Andy Lafler

Holly Levow

Avelaka Macarro

Kelly Starkey

Citrina Warren

Dara Wilk