With chapters in over 45 US states and over 35 countries, PERIOD. activists have made strides for menstrual equity in their communities around the world.

Chapters work to advance PERIOD.’s mission of eradicating period poverty and stigma by creating action plans that employ our three pillars of service, education, and advocacy in their own community!

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Starting a Chapter FAQs

Thinking about starting a chapter in your school or community? Wondering how to get the ball rolling? Read below! If you are an existing chapter and have more specific questions, please head over to the Launchpad or the portal where you’ll be able to find more information!

Check out PERIOD. @ University of Central Florida!

Chapter Stories

Below you can find stories from our incredible chapters around the world! Whether you’ve just joined the PERIOD fam, are a seasoned chapter looking for inspiration, or just want to browse the successes of your peers, check out the slide below! As always, remember to update the PERIOD staff with your events so we can help celebrate YOU!

PERIOD. @ Toledo, OH

“Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our donation drive to drop off product!”

PERIOD. Toledo hosted a product drive to benefit menstruators in need in Beirut, Lebanon in the wake of the explosion in August. Periods don’t stop in crises, and thanks to our tireless chapter members, menstruators will continue to be served where help is most needed.

Photo Courtesy of PERIOD. @ Toledo

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