Known as MH Day, this day of advocacy was initiated by the German non-profit WASH United in 2013. WASH United is the overall global coordinator of MH Day and acts as its international secretariat. PERIOD. is honored to be an MH Day partner to help spread awareness about period poverty which is a problem not only in developing countries, but right here in the United States.

Because periods don’t stop, monthly donors are important to long-lasting menstrual equity. $5 serves the needs of one menstruator for one month.

How to Help Eradicate Period Poverty This Month:

  • Donate $5 to support a menstruator's monthly cycle through our Givelively page.

  • Host a fundraiser to support our direct service program here.

Service: Help us fill our empty warehouses and ship out more products!

  • Click here to host a fundraiser to support our direct service program. The pandemic has caused a dramatic increase in period poverty, and PERIOD. has a growing list of service partners in deep need of product. Help us provide products and cover shipping costs to get products to people in need.

    • Set a goal of raising $280 or getting 28 people to donate to your fundraiser.

    • If 5 people become monthly donors, we’ll send you a gift to thank you for your efforts!